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About Regina


Regina Felix is the woman behind Regina Brows. She is a Natural Brow Expert with a successful biz of 25 years based out of Temecula in Southern California's Wine Country. Regina always had a passion for hair, makeup, and anything that could make you look and feel beautiful. As a newly licensed esthetician in the early 90's, she was fortunate to have discovered her love of brows early in her career. Completely self-taught, the Regina Brows style began to emerge. When her clients started to refer to her as "the Anastasia of Temecula" she knew then that brows were her thing...they became her ultimate passion. She often says "I was doing brows before brows were cool!"

Fast forward 20 years...Social media hit the scene and brow artists across the globe began showcasing their work across the internet. The World of Brows began its boom! Thanks to the beauty of cell phone photography and social media, for the first time in 20 years of brow design, Regina was able to document her brow transformations and put them out there for all to see! But not only that, for the first time she was also able to solidify the Regina Brows brand. She was transforming her client’s brows...not just in their initial visit, but documenting with photos months apart, she realized that she was bringing her client’s brows back to a more natural shape...they were evolving. Without even realizing it, she had been “rehabbing” her client’e eyebrows! While her established brow biz was already a local success this new and vast exposure led her business down a secondary path. Soon other artists started inquiring about training opportunities. Due to the demand, she started Love Your Natural Brow Biz a Facebook group for beauty professionals dedicated to helping them grow their natural brow business. But they wanted more DESIGN. “Show us how”. What followed was a 1 year self study of her technique. Remember, she is completely self taught. Brow design came naturally and over 20 years through trial and error she had simply developed her own technique. So if she was going to teach “how to design brows” she had to discover the “why” she designed a certain way. Through her year of study what she found was that the brows natural anatomy played a very important role in her design style.  There was very specific criteria that her brows had. She then developed a design curriculum based on brow anatomy and brow growth patterns and developed her online brow design course Design Brows Naturally. Design Brows Naturally is just that. It’s brows that are designed to stay natural while using the map nature so carefully laid out. The technique uses brow growth patterns and the brow bone to determine your ideal brow shape and brow placement...because after all, that’s what nature intended.