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My Brow Obsession

Do people compliment you on the shape of your eyebrows?  If you're paying a professional to shape them don't you think you should?  A set of perfectly shaped brows are THE most important part of your face.  Eyebrows have a very important starting point, ending point, and high point...and all three points must maintain proportion to each other. Let me show you the difference between getting your eyebrows waxed and truly getting your eyebrows shaped.  I'll use only top of the line hard wax, trim, and always finish with tweezers for maximum precision.  Your session always includes a personalized eyebrow design and a lesson in brow makeup application. I carry a full stock of brow products featuring Poni Cosmetics and Senna Cosmetics. Let me show you how great your eyebrows can look!  Don't be fooled...eyebrow shaping is an ART and I invite you to be my canvas!


Brow Shaping $30-$60
Add a lip wax for $10

Please refrain from using Retin-A or any such derivative for 3-4 days before your waxing appointment.  Not doing so may result in lifting of your skin.